genapta supply high performance optical platforms for pharmaceutical screening, DNA sequencing and genomic testing. Using genapta’s patented optical core* the systems are capable of screening chemical compounds down to the few molecule regime, sequence DNA, and image two dimensional arrays of fluorophore on surfaces. The devices are based around a palm-sized, fiber-coupled head design which allows all the lasers and sensitive detectors to be sited remotely (<5 metres) from the head. If either the laser or detectors need replacing this can be done on-site in five minutes, often by the user and re-alignment is unnecessary.

The intrinsic confocoality gives femto litre scale sample volumes enabling few or single molecule experiments to be carried out. The technology platform is constructed using ruggedised technology transferred from the telecom sector leading to robust performance throughout the life of the device, eliminating the need for periodic optimisation.

genapta’s technology takes optical platform design forward to the next level of performance and cost.

*Click here for front cover of PCT application. Worldwide patents pending.


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